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Not one size fits all! Our services are tailored to your needs, whether it is assistance with campaign set up and management, social pages, website support, SEO or running ads to increase leads. At Flair we respond to our clients’ needs.


We efficiently guide enterprise growth by understanding client wants and needs, identifying target outreach, and implementing leading strategies to execute winning marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness.


Based in Napa Valley, our team of professionals has diverse corporate and academic backgrounds, specializing in marketing and business development, and are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for our clients.
About Flair

We help businesses focus their strategic marketing efforts by focusing on what brings successful data driven results.

- with flair.

Historical Assessment

Analyze the history of your marketing, branding, and previous campaigns.

Address the Gaps

Identify areas where current strategy may be lacking or underperforming to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.


Keep everyone accountable as we collaborate on useful ideas with efficient communication.

Measure Effectiveness

Create and execute campaigns backed by data, ensuring accountability and effectiveness in achieving business goals.

Competitor Analysis

Research and evaluate competitors for insights to gain you a competitive edge.

Strategic Planning

Map an organization's goals, actions, and resources to achieve long-term success to support mission and vision.

Flair Marketing processes

Automate your marketing processes with Flair and data driven results.

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Do More With flair

Want to increase trust and build community? Comments and DMs will let you know when you're successful in getting your audience to open up. These metrics are great to track if you have a community-first business model or will be working directly with clients.

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