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Napa Valley 1839 FC - Semi Professional Soccer Team

Napa Valley 1839 FC, a growing semi-professional soccer team in Napa Valley, proudly partners with Flair as its trusted full-service marketing partner. Our collaboration extends across various areas, including website development and maintenance, comprehensive management of marketing campaigns aimed at attracting fans to games and events such as the Children's Summer Camp, facilitating merchandise sales, crafting impactful branding campaigns, and organizing their CRM system.


For Napa Valley 1839 FC - What did we do?

Napa Valley 1839 FC, a rising star in the semi-professional soccer scene, sought a comprehensive marketing solution without the burden of assembling an in-house team. Recognizing their need for a full-scale marketing department tailored to their industry niche, they turned to Flair. Our mission was clear: to provide all the benefits of a dedicated marketing team while offering the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing.

Upon diving into our collaboration, we quickly found that Napa Valley 1839 FC's fans were deeply engaged in the digital space, drawn not only to the live matches but also to the rich content and vibrant community events surrounding the team. Leveraging this insight, we crafted a tailored strategy that emphasized building a robust brand presence through compelling social media content, strategic partnerships, and visually striking graphics and videos. Furthermore, we targeted advertising campaigns, such as promoting the Children's Summer Camp, to expand their fanbase and drive attendance to key events.

Our approach was focused on data-driven decision-making. By harnessing the power of analytics, we continuously refined our strategies to optimize performance and drive tangible results. Whether it was revamping the CRM system to streamline customer outreach or boosting online merchandise sales, every initiative was informed by actionable insights derived from thorough analysis. This holistic approach ensured that their marketing efforts remained aligned with their evolving style, mission, and vision in the rapidly expanding landscape of soccer in the USA.


Housley Napa Valley

Select Generation

Napa Valley 1839 FC


Napa Valley 1839 FC

Select Generation



Select Generation - International Soccer Agency

Select Generation, an international soccer agency, partners with Flair as a full service marketing partner, entrusting us with the orchestration of their entire business campaigns. Our services encompass building and maintaining their website, curating engaging social media content, orchestrating targeted email marketing campaigns, executing impactful advertising initiatives, ensuring SEO maintenance, and crafting effective brand strategies.

Brand Guidelines

Color palette for current and future marketing material.

Brand Guidelines

Overview of brand guideline topics for marketing material to be consistent in building an online presence and company feel.

Ad Feedback

Understanding where your audience hangs out.

Ad Feedback

Understanding where your ads are being most prolific.

Ad Feedback

Putting a value on your spend to track progress and success.

Target Audience

editing your ad to be viewed by a specific demographic, location, gender or age.

Email Marketing Feedback

Running A/B tests to schedule successful campaigns with new or existing offers, and learning where traffic is going.


Learning how many visitors you're getting, to help forecast sales targets.

Social Media Presence

Assisting creative content and growth.

Social Media Presence

Assisting Creative Content and Growth.

For Select Generation - What did we do?

Select Generation, a leading international soccer agency, sought a strategic marketing partner capable of executing comprehensive campaigns without the burden of maintaining an in-house team. Recognizing their need for a full-scale marketing department tailored to their dynamic industry, they turned to Flair. Our mission was clear: to provide all the benefits of a dedicated marketing team while alleviating the overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

Upon assessment, we identified a key opportunity to leverage Select Generation's strong presence on social media platforms. With a customer base that thrived in these digital spaces, we crafted a strategy focused on enhancing their brand visibility through engaging content, strategic partnerships, and visually compelling graphics and videos. Additionally, we implemented targeted advertising initiatives to attract new clients and nurture existing relationships, ensuring every campaign was tailored to resonate with their audience.

Central to our approach was a thorough understanding of Select Generation's ethos, style, and aspirations. By aligning our strategies with their core values and identifying gaps in their existing marketing plan, we provided bespoke solutions using data. As a result, Select Generation now benefits from a seamless marketing operation that delivers tangible, data-driven results, allowing them to focus on fulfillment and other projects.


Outer Space Wines - Brick and Mortar/ e-commerce Wine Shop

Outer Space Wines leverages Flair's expertise in SEO maintenance to enhance their online visibility and skyrocket product rankings in customer searches. Through our strategic partnership, we diligently maintain the cleanliness and relevance of their website's backend, ensuring they consistently outperform competitors in attracting clicks from potential customers seeking their products.


For Outer Space Wines - What did we do?

Outer Space Wines faced a common challenge in the digital landscape: their products were struggling to gain visibility on popular search engines like Google. Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence in today's competitive market, they sought our expertise at Flair to tackle this issue head-on.

Our strategic approach centered on optimizing Outer Space Wines' SEO strategy, with a primary focus on Google. We conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify and address key pain points, including issues with product indexing, duplicate content, and inadequate product descriptions. Utilizing advanced tools and manual checks, we systematically resolved these issues, ensuring that Outer Space Wines' products were primed for maximum visibility online.

This resulted in a significant improvement in Outer Space Wines' online visibility. By resolving technical barriers that hindered Google's ability to crawl their website, paving the way for their products to feature prominently in customer searches. Moving forward, our ongoing partnership involves a strategic approach to product indexation, ensuring steady progress and continued success in the competitive digital landscape.

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