Our Story


Flair Marketing Solutions was founded by two graduate professionals aiming to apply their corporate and academic expertise to real-world marketing challenges. With extensive knowledge in marketing and sales, along with versatile skill sets, Flair assists businesses in building and executing effective marketing campaigns and strategies.

Sam Henneberg as CEO is based in Napa Valley with a corporate background spanning hospitality, supply chain, purchasing, and fintech industries. He leverages his MBA and experience in growing small businesses, including his own international sports agency, to devise creative strategies that enhance online presence and traffic for clients.

Dario Pavon as CMO hails from Madrid, Spain, now residing in Napa, CA. With a background in professional soccer, international business and digital marketing, including a Masters in strategic Leadership and bachelors in Business Administration, Dario understands business marketing needs and employs strategic analytic tools to optimize branding, engagement, and perception.

Flair Marketing Solutions' mission is to help guide enterprise growth efficiently by understanding customer wants and needs, identifying target outreach, and pursuing market-leading strategies to effectively increase branding and win marketing campaigns.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. We always had great aspirations to help enterprises outsource their marketing and support on winning campaigns. Flair has allowed us to assist in exciting growth for deserved businesses.

Dario Pavon


Why can't I do this myself?

Outsourcing to Flair Solutions provides specialized expertise, cost savings, and innovative strategies, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and achieve better results with higher returns on investment from winning marketing campaigns and strategies.

What industries do you focus on?

Our current clients range from the hospitality sector to sports teams, retail stores and e-commerce brands. Most likely we have worked with a brand in your niche, feel free to send us a message with the form below.

What if I don't have online sales?

Even if online sales aren't the primary focus, we manage your brand, expand your customer base, and enhance engagement, all of which are essential for long-term business growth, customer loyalty, and establishing a strong presence in the market compared to your competition.

What if I only need help with one thing?

Not one size fits all! Our services are flexible to your needs, whether you want help only with campaign setup and management, social pages, website support, SEO, or running ads to increase leads. We understand specifically what you want and need.

What is business development?

At Flair, we're not going to tell you how to run your business; you are the subject matter expert. The better we can understand and learn from you on how your enterprise operates, the better we can help to scale your online presence and marketing campaigns. Business development for Flair Solutions means successful data-driven marketing campaigns and a team that is together, bought into a winning strategy.

Why not your competitors?

Flair Solutions currently supports a small client base, dedicated to ensuring you receive what you need and are focused on meeting targets. As young, motivated, and elite professionals in the Napa Valley area, we are passionate about crafting winning campaigns. We help you create and execute innovative strategies for sales and marketing—with Flair.

How do I get started?

Send our team an email or fill out the form below to set up an introductory meeting.